Fred Whelan
Fred Whelan Outlaw Tattoo

I have lived in Bemidji most of my life and have been involved in some sort of art all my life. I attended "The School of Associated Arts" in St. Paul, Minnesota in 1969 and 1970, for commercial and fine arts. It didn't take me long to get bored with that, so I took a different direction in life.

 I started playing music and ended up doing that for about 21 years. I was a lead singer and guitar player, and covered most the country traveling with my road bands. I've been tattooing now for almost 26 years, and building custom Harleys for about the same, or more.

 It gets to be a rat race at times because both businesses can be rather demanding, and very time-consuming. I had my own tattoo shop, "Outlaw Tattoo," which I strived to maintain a good reputation, which is hard to do, in this competitive, cut-throat business. I always had more business than I could handle, and I have tattooed people from all over the world and all walks of life. 

I have tattooed almost everything on every part of the body so nothing surprises me anymore. I have been tattooing here at "Body Matrix," for several years now and so far I have enjoyed the environment very much. I think we have a very good team and people should be relaxed knowing that a good job will be done whether they are getting a tattoo or piercing.

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